Back in the day… I can say that because I’m old… ANYWAY! Back in the day, animal prints were all the rage. I was always more a zebra fan back then. I had a blow up chair from Limited Too that was zebra, traveling bags, clothes, you name it.

When the animal craze came back, or more just a leopard craze, it took me a hot minute to get on board with it. But I am seriously obsessed now. I don’t know what it is… but I love it. I found some of the cutest leopard items ever right now. That first dress is available in plus size and y’all… it is less than $20… FROM NORDSTROM! I even found the cutest leopard masks, because yay pandemic! So get your leopard on!

Just don’t wear them all at the same time or there is a good chance that you will have a striking resemblance to Carol Baskin. No one wants that… No leopard queens here… just normal ladies with no intention of offing their husbands or stealing tigers! Ha, what is your fav animal print?

Swim Suit | Blanket Not leopard but equally soft blanket for cheaper | Dress and Plus size | Coffee Mug | Apple Watch Band | iPhone Case | Vans 1 & 2 | Dress | Towel Scrunchie | Headband | Masks | Shirt 1 & 2

2 thoughts to “Wild About Leopard

  • Alison

    Leopard is my love language!!

    • Emily

      I can’t seem to get enough of it!!!! I bought that iPhone case and I cannot wait for it to get in!!


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