My addiction for shopping really started with my love of makeup. I love playing around with eyeshadows and new products that come out. I also have standard staples that I constantly have in my makeup drawer. I sometimes will buy two at a time just incase I don’t realize I am out till it is too late. Which has been a real life saver when the world was shut down a couple months ago. It is a little easier to grab what you need now. I was running low on a few things so I put an order in last week of a few of my tried and trues.

What are some of your makeup must-haves? If random shopping is more your jam, you should definitely check out my Amazon haul or June Favs post.

TooFaced Bronzer | Seriously the best bronzer ever. It smells like chocolate, is the prettiest color, and lasts a long time. I wear it every day and rarely run out. I can’t find anything I don’t like about it. Yet is double what drug store brand bronzer costs, but again, it lasts longer. |

Tarte Shape Tape | Best. Concealer. Ever. I won’t ever not have this on hand. The coverage is everything. I wear use the lightest shade because I like contouring and hiding well 30 years of tiredness. Haha. |

Tartelette 2 Eyeshadow | I have a lot of eyeshadows I use and love. However, if you’re a neutral gal and want something quick, simple but still a great look: This is your palette. It has your crease shades, highlighting shades and darker ones if you want a more evening look. |

Anastasia Brow Wiz | I keep trying to find something I like better than BrowWiz, and I can’t. I have been using it for at least 7 years. I know… Im in real trouble if they ever discontinue it. Doubtful. But you never know. |

it CC+ Cream | I love wearing this in the summer. It is SPF 50 and has such a good color that you don’t need much of anything else if you want a more natural look. This, mascara and some lip gloss and you’re ready for the beach. |

Morphe Setting Spray | There are a few setting sprays I really love and use. What sets this a part from the others? It has a continual mist. You don’t pump it out and spray in chunks, it just sprays out. Like you are using PAM on a skillet. Was that the best analogy? Probably not because no one wants to look like a greasy mess… but you know what I am talking about now.. haha. |

L’Oreal Glotion | If you want to glow, this is your new best friend. I was shocked when I used it how lightweight it was for how hydrating and luminizing it was for my skin. You can wear it under your foundation OR on top. I wear it under for more of a natural glow, but you can also rock it on top. I have really dry skin and this has been a really nice new staple of mine. |

Ardell Magnetic Lashes | Let me say first, putting magnetic lashes on are a skill. Much like applying glue lashes. Trial and error. Once you figure it out, I can’t get enough of them. I also only do the accents. I think they look more natural and not so heavy. I even do that with glue lashes. Watch for sales on these bad boys because they can get cheeeeaaaaap! |

Estee Lauder Double Wear | This is another favorite foundation of mine. There are some days I put my makeup on early in the morning and I want it to last alllllll day. This does it. Coverage is full and lasting. I don’t ask for much, but I want my face to look good all day. Ulta also has a pump for it. I didn’t know that until recently and man, muuuuuuch easier to use. |

Becca Highlight | i don’t care what shade it is, Becca has the best highlight. The pigment. The application. The longevity. Nothing has come close for me in highlight pressed powder form. I think I have 5 shades now… all amazing. |

Buxom Lip Plumper | My go-to color is White Russian but all I have tried are fantastic. I just think White Russian looks pretty alone or on top of lipstick. If a product can make my lips look even just a tad bigger and be a good product, winning. |

Laura Mercier Powder | Best powder ever. I have a few “drugstore dupes” but they aren’t nearly as good as the OG. It just sets my makeup perfectly without making me look cakey. I also use it to help contour under my cheek bone. I feel like it really helps to make it stand out better than just bronzing alone. |

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