I used to believe that you could only be considered a mother once you had your own children. What a ridiculous thing to think. There are so many amazing women I know who are mothers in every way possible.

There are the traditional moms who did get to carry and deliver their own babies. Some women in this group put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears to make this happen and others were lucky enough for it to happen naturally and without problems. You all deserve this day for all the hard work that goes into raising a family. (Especially all you single moms out there. Y’all are all superheros in my book.) Today is your day.

There are the women who have decided they do not want children but take care of members of their family like they are their own. In some cases they are there for them more than their own parent. No matter what, today is your day.

There are the women who for whatever circumstance, opened their hearts and homes to fostering sweet babies that need love. People may tell you that you’re not a mom, but you are and will continue to be even if your child doesn’t stay with you forever. Today is your day.

Same goes to women who became moms through adoption. There is a deeper connection that surpasses DNA when it comes to a child you adopt. That sweet life is yours to take care of and raise. Just because you did not carry that child, doesn’t make you any less of a mom. You hurt when they hurt, and you celebrate when they succeed. Today is your day.

To the women who try over and over to do what others seem to do so seamlessly… you are not failures. I know you think your body is incapable of something you feel like it was made to do but this does not make you less of a woman. In one way or another, you will get the family your heart desires. As you go through this day childless and feeling like you do not have a right to take part, please remember that you have a heart of a mother. Today is your day.

To all the women who have babies in heaven, no matter how short their precious life was and whether or not you have other children, there is an ache in your heart that will never go away. A mom is always thinking about how old their child would be today and wonders what kind of person that baby would be now. I cry and hurt with you. Today is your day.

While we celebrate traditional mom’s out there, be sure to not forget the unconventional but still so incredibly important mom’s out there today too. To all those moms who fall under a different category, do not let anyone make you feel less of a mom.  

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you. Cheers.


PS. Happy Mother’s Day to the coolest mom around, MINE!! Thanks for all you did and do for me. XOXO mom and me

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