I very rarely believe that pesky little groundhog when he sees or does not see his shadow. Mostly because I don’t think he has the best track record of being correct. However, this year he has hit the nail on the head with six more weeks of winter. We have had unusually cold temps for this time of year and a few days of freak snow. Spring is WAY more my jam but until then we can at least still get some more sweater wearing days in.


This has been my favorite sweater this season and NOT because it is pink, but because of how warm and comfortable it is. So if you’re like me and still living somewhere holding on to winter, go out and grab this before it is too late! BIG BONUS: It is currently on sale!!!! Links down below!


Don’t mind my ridiculous smile…I was laughing like I usually do when attempting to take selfies. I can only be serious for so long. Have fun shopping for winter, friends!!

Sweater: Madewell | Jeans: American Eagle | Beanie: Tory Burch / Polyvore





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