Happy Easter, everyone!!!


I always say that fall is my favorite season until spring rolls around and I start to second guess myself. I am all for chilly, sunshine weather that you can be in with just a cardigan. After all, April does have the perfect date. (Anyone know what movie I am talking about?!)

Not much to report except that I GRADUATED!!!!!!!!! I finally finished! (WHERE ARE MY CONFETTI CANNONS?!) I will save my thoughts on all that for a different post. Since taking my last final, I have been in a mix of celebrating and relaxation. Sleeping in has never felt so good. I really don’t think I have ever slept as soundly as I have this past week with nothing on my mind but satisfaction for reaching a goal.

Eventually I will get on that job searching bandwagon but until then, I am going to bask in the sunshine (Lord knows my pale legs need it… it’s hard to tell but those actually are my legs that blend into my duvet), enjoy spring, and live for the stress free moments of life. I have had a few requests for workout tips and what I (usually) eat to stay healthy! Those along with what will probably be a way-to-emotional, finishing school post will be coming up soon! I will link the products in the pictures below along with some other super cute items that can be used throughout spring. Who says bunnies are just for Easter??? Plus, they are all Target finds for under $30.00! That’s a real win.

Have fun egg hunting or pulling April fools jokes today!


(And yes, I did have coffee in the mug but drank it all…oops. No worries, I k-cupped myself more.)

Bunny Mug
 | Spring Mug | Bunny Dish | Bunny Bowl | Acrylic Serving Tray

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