Three things I can’t seem to get enough of: Pink in pretty much any shade, shopping, and Amazon Prime. What is it with shipping? Shipping will be $6 dollars but if I spend $ 87.24 more it will be free. So what do I do? Spending $145.24 more and get the free shipping! Yeah, I showed them… But for real, that is why Amazon Prime is my jam. Free shipping that I will get relatively fast. When you combine those three, well, I am in for quite the boost of endorphins. This last shopping spree really turned into my want, or more need, of a weekend getaway. Three Disney trips have been cancelled and while Disney World IS open now, a 6 hour flight across COVID America to the heart of state with the most cases, doesn’t really seem like my cup of tea. So until it is, I will just keep buying things to use now and things to use, eventually. I hope to God in 2020 but probably 2021. Who else needs a vacation?? Where would you like to go?

Weekend Vibes Tote | Picture perfect bag for a much needed getaway. They also have other cute sayings! |

Morphe Palette |One of my fav non Jaclyn Hill palettes! If I am doing a big Morphe order, Ill go through them– if I am just getting a couple things, Amazon because free shipping. |

Cocktail Kit | This is something I always take with me on a plane. Because I am fancy and I like fancy cocktails haha. Or I am just high maintenance… |

Makeup Bag | Can one ever have too many makeup bags?? I think not. It is pink. And less than $15. I mean, they are basically begging me to buy it. |

Bow Sandals | I thought these flip-flops give off such a Kate Spade vibe!!! Less than $20 and perfect for the pool or beach… if anyone is going to one anytime soon! *crying in the club* |

Jewelry Holder | I don’t know about y’all but I never know what I will be in the mood to wear when I travel. And what I wear has to be decided to know how I will accessorize said outfit… So I am bring it all. I can’t have enough of the travel jewelry holders. They are amazing. |

Nude Pink Joggers | THESE!!!! Now these are something I can enjoy pretty much anywhere. Stuck inside? Yup. Road Trip? Yup. Running out for food? Yup. Plane outfit? Yup. I will say they are a little thin but it being summer I don’t mind. They run big. But I plan to live in these. |

Half Gallon Water Bottle | I like big cups and I cannot lie. I am just a cup addict. I buy them all. Doesn’t matter if I have 50 others. If it is cute, I buy it. I have a cup problem, okay?! But this has to be the cutest half gallon water bottle I have ever seen. So, purchased. |

Lotion | I will be 100% honest. I bought this solely for this cute metal box. I am going to use it in my guest bathroom… BUT I do love this hand lotion. I will most likely keep one and give the others away in gift baskets. You never know when you need to whip up a cute gift! |

Organizer | This is made for jewelry storage but honestly you could use it for anything. I bought it for my hair ties. Tiny rubber ones, bobby-pins and other little knick knacks I just have floating around my bathroom. |

4 in 1 Travel Bottles | This is honestly the coolest thing I have seen in a long time. It is a bottle that has four compartments to add your body wash. shampoo, conditioner, etc. that you can travel with. AND IT IS LEAK PROOF. This is perfect for little weekend getaways. When we go to Disney for three weeks, I gotta take my full sized toiletries because I gots lots of hairs. haha. I can’t wait to use this though! |

Faux Leather Tote | I love a good tote to just grab and throw my life into. This reminds me a lot of the Nordstrom one that is $50. This one?
LESS THAN $20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why spend a ton on a tote that you’re gonna use the heck out of? |

Travel Cubes | If you have never used travel cubes or any organizational item to travel with, you are missing out. I know I am a little OCD. But seriously, these are life changing. I don’t have children but I can only assume it would significantly improve your packing with multiple people. |

Here is to eventually getting that weekend getaway!

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