Today is GROSS in the Pacific Northwest. It is cold and rainy! Ya know, the kind of weather that calls for a fire and snuggling back into bed for a movie marathon. ORRRR in my case finishing Bridgerton. Ugh, I am only three episodes in and am HOOKED in every way. Is there anything Shonda Rhimes can’t do?? I have started bowing to Nate and talking in a British accent. I am sure he thinks I have completely lost it.

I have been meaning to link my new bedding and figured what better day then the one I don’t plan to leave it. We got our new mattress a few weeks ago which meant, new bedding. DUH. I got everything from Target minus my sheets. They are from Amazon and seriously, the BEST sheets ever. I don’t even understand how they are so cheap. (Less than $25 for King size!) But am so happy they are!! Ha! They do not feel like $20 sheets… They feel like they are EXPENSIVE. And Target really has upped their game with this linen line.

Linen Comforter | Textured Throw Pillow | Euro Pillows | Amazon Sheets | Bed Tray | Pink Pens | Throw Blanket: Home Goods– Similar one from Amazon | Similar Planner: Target |

Bentley is ready to get to work… AKA snuggle me while I finish watching this show!!! Has everyone else watched it? If so let me know!! I hear that they are making a season 2 which makes me VERY happy. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should. The best description I heard is it is like a period piece but Gossip Girl style. But as someone who watched Gossip Girl, this is way better! I won’t give anything away but it is definitely saucy. It has made me BLUSH but whew so so so good. It is shall I say, “Flawless, my dear”.

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