IM BACK!!! I know, I know. It has been waaaaaaaay too long since I have blogged and y’all probably want more than just my makeup routine. However, I have been getting a TON of questions lately about what certain makeup products I use and recommend which is why I am blogging that first. My next post will be some sort of update to catch everyone up on my boring yet not so boring life.

I was first going to do my favorite makeup products when I realized real quick that 1) I like way too many products, 2) that would be rather overwhelming and 3) that I may have a makeup addiction for a non makeup professional. *shrug*. I finally decided that doing a post about my makeup I routinely use and pretty much are a staple in my house would be best. The majority of the time I get asked about my makeup, is when I am using one of these products. Without further ado, I have nine essential makeup products that have my seal of approval and you should all run out to buy. OR better yet, add it to your Christmas list! Adults still make those, right?

makeup blog no border1. Foundation: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk. Lord knows I need all the help I can get to try and hide all the damage I did to my skin when I was a careless teenager baking in the sun with baby oil… shameful. I am constantly using three or four different foundations but this one is by far my favorite. I use shade 5 which is for my light/medium skin (since I avoid sun now at all costs) and has a neutral undertone. For how much coverage it does, it really is lightweight and gives a soft natural looking finish. While it is on the pricier side, a little goes a long way, and it is honestly worth the money.

2. Concealer: Tarte Shape Tape. Where can you find the miracle for a stressful, sleep deprived life? No, not in a bottle of wine… well that will help too. BUT if you want to look like you are as bright eyed and carefree as you were at 16, let me introduce you to the best concealer of life. Shape Tape. I use it not to just conceal my non designer bags but also as an eye shadow primer. I use it in the lightest shade possible… because you know… sun, bad. Game changer, y’all. Once you use it, you’ll never go back.

3. Powder: Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder. Setting powder is something that a lot of people skip because they don’t think they need it. Or use a less than stellar one and turn out looking like they dipped their face in powdered sugar. None of these are good. If you are using foundation, setting powder is the best way to keep it looking long-lasting fresh without adding any weight or unwanted texture. Get it. Love it. USE IT!

4. Eye shadow: Morphe’s Jaclyn Hill Palette. I was not planning to blog about eye shadow mostly because I use so many different brands and shades that narrowing it down seemed daunting. UNTIL this holy grail mother of an eye shadow palette blessed my life and dear lord my face. I have followed Jaclyn’s YouTube for a long time and other than being a queen at life, she slays the game when it comes to makeup. As soon as this palette launched I was ready to refresh my browser till I could buy it. Y’all, even if I didn’t like Jaclyn Hill, this product is AMAZING. You can’t say anything bad about it. If you don’t believe me, there are a million tutorials and reviews about her palette. The majority of which are amaze-balls and the other are just jealous hoe’s. It is the most pigmented, easy to blend, long last eye shadow I have ever used in my life. There are so many options with the 35 colors that you could do a million different looks. If you order it online you can you her discount code: JACATTACK or they are now selling it at ULTA if you want to go in and swatch the colors.

5. Eyeliner: Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. Eyeliner is my jam. Real talk. If I am running more late than usual and have little time for makeup, I ALWAYS at least throw on some eyeliner and lipstick. It makes me feel more awake and put together somehow. In the past, my eyeliner would always smear or not last throughout my day and it drove me crazy. Enter this magic pen of liquid black gold and no more smear. It seriously stays in place all day no matter what. The tip is small enough to do a subtle line or make it as bold as you want. It is easy to use and makes the best winged eye ever.

6. Highlight: Becca. Shine bright like a diamond… or like you have that just right highlight on. I use the shades Opal and Pearl the most. I will be honest, I have not really shopped around for highlight. I like this one and just kept buying it. It glows just enough for me without looking like a disco ball… you know what I’m saying.. I know you’ve seen it. But I will say, that whatever brand, you should use this in your makeup routine. The point of it is to highlight and shape your face. Keep that highlight poppin’.

7. Blush: NARS. I love many, many blushes. Unlike highlight, I have tried so many blushes it is unreal. While I have at least five favorites, NARS in the shade Orgasm, wins first Every. Damn. Time. It is truly orgasm worthy. No matter what shade my skin is, deathly pale to spray tanned to much tan, this shade works and looks perfect. What blush can you say that about? I’ll tell you, NONE! Also blush does not have to be limited to just the apples of your cheeks. Most days, I blend mine up toward my hairline. You do you! Have fun with it but get this blush.

8. Bronzer: Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte. You know what is fun about contouring? When your bronzer smells like a delicious bar of chocolate and you have to tell yourself that licking it will not taste like chocolate….heh. But for real. This bronzer smells like heaven because it is made with real cocoa powder. I use the medium to deep shade because I use it more for contouring than my overall face. Don’t let the “dark” part freak you out because this product is one of the easiest to blend. It is flawless and evens out all skin tones. I love using a matte bronzer because sometimes I get a little carried away with highlight and I don’t need more shimmer in my bronzer. Buuuut that’s just me.

9. Lipstick: Milani and MAC. Lipstick was the hardest category for me. I could do a whole blog post just about lipstick because this girl cannot get enough. Yesterday I found 12 different lip products in my purse. That’s right. 12. I picked these two because I wear them 9 times out of 10 and I think they are good no matter the season or skin tone. First is Milani in the shade Nude Crème which is such a steal. I get mine at Target for five dollars. It is a lipstick that I will actually run out of before it expires and or I lose it. Y’all, this is the best drug store brand. If you haven’t used them, go check it out. My second go to is MAC in the shade Snob. I am such a MAC lover. The fact that this is the only one that made this list is shocking. They do it all great, but especially their lipsticks. You can’t go wrong with their formula. It is worth it in my opinion. Like I said earlier, if I don’t have time for everything I at least grab lipstick. My grandma liked to say, “lips without lipstick is a cake without frosting!” and no one likes that! Haha.

There are a million other products and things I did not mention (ie: primer, brows, gloss) but maybe I will save those for a different post. I have a lot of fun winter shades coming my way! I also did not mention mascara because I do not use it thanks to the amazing invention of lash extensions. Anyway, these are the nine products that are pretty much my ride or dies. The best thing about makeup for me is getting to play around and have fun. It isn’t about having the most expensive products or wearing a mask. It is about accentuating what you already have and just doing you. I am not the biggest fan of purple eye shadow, but if that’s you, awesome! Go for it! Coco Chanel (The OG Queen Bee) said it best: “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”.



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