Happy fall, y’all! THIS IS MY SEASON!! I would also like to say that I have always been a fan of fall before it became a trend for “basic” girls. I don’t know if it is because I grew up in the south and by the time fall came around everything was dead from ridiculously high temps that we never had that “fall color” or because it is my birthday season but either way, I have loved it since I was little.

My family always decorated for Halloween and then fall… buuuut other than dressing up, Halloween isn’t my jam. I like to decorate for fall as soon as humanly possible and leave it up till I decorate for Christmas. Which yes, is before Thanksgiving. I know. My house is like a Hallmark Movie; overly decorated and way before the season. But, that’s the way I love it! So if you love fall, here are some must have fall decorations for your house to give it that extra special, cozy feel!  

1. Throw pillows. I know I may be a little addicted to decorative pillows in general but it really is a whole other level when it’s for holiday purposes. I also think throwing a fall pillow on your couch is the QUICKEST way to decorate. Little effort and max comfort. Get your pillow on: option 1, option 2.

2. Doormat: I don’t know when this happened but doormats have become a thing. Not even for a season. In general. I mean we have all seen the viral video of the UPS driver hiding the package per doormat instructions. That’s some top notch service. (Plus, this one is on sale for less than $10!!)

3. Blankets: Again. Little effort and max comfort. There is something about the fall where other than a pumpkin patch, I would like to be curled up by the fire, wrapped in a blanket, binge watching Gilmore Girls for the umpteenth time. And when you get to cozy up with a comfy blanket that is also super cute, just makes me feel more put together. Haha. I have about a million so I will just post a few. Blanket pictured, option 2, option 3, option 4.

4. Pumpkins: Put. Them. Everywhere. Any kind too. Want real ones? Go for it! If you are a psycho like me, and decorate as soon as it turns midnight on September 1st, you need some fake ones to get you through the season. Bonus with fake ones: you can store them for next year and your pumpkin collection will grow each year… like mine… till you have two designated storage bins just with pumpkins…

5. Garland: Not just for Christmas. This is my favorite I have seen in a long time. Probably because I am in this weird neutral color kick for my fall this year and this matches perfectly. You really can’t go wrong with a fun, fun garland. Throw it over a mantle, couch or entry table, the middle of your dining table, over cabinets, or around your front door… anywhere you want! Go garland crazy.

6. Wall Décor: Now, if you are like me—you put up extra wall décor and replace non-fall ones with seasonally appropriate ones. I have them everywhere because they are so stinking cute. Welcome to our pumpkin patch! Happy Fall Y’all! If you see it at Hobby Lobby, it is probably in my house.

7. Storage bins: Normally, I would just use my normal blanket basket for my fall blankets but how cute is this one?! Throw it under a side table for a little extra fall fun.

8. Wreath: I usually make a wreath every other year. So this year, I made this new fall one with my friend Cassie. I am in love with it. (It is pictured above!) The likelihood of me making a new one is slim because this one is a classic. Also you don’t have to put them on your front door. You can attach a fun ribbon and hang it from the wall or over your fireplace. If you aren’t crafty, you can always buy one ready to go. Kirkland’s always has the cutest ones in my opinion. (Honestly, all their decor is the best if you haven’t noticed by now…)

9. Kitchen Towels: When I was growing up, I always knew what season it was by our kitchen towels. My mom always had ones that reflected the season. It must have stuck because I love doing it still. Fall is no different. The ones I put out though don’t always have pumpkins or scarecrows. Sometimes I just do a burnt orange or other fall color.

10. Mugs: I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE these pumpkin mugs from Pottery Barn so much. I got them last year and wouldn’t let my husband drink out of them. HAHA. Luckily I bought more this year so he can drink out of them. (They are on sale!) I feel like my pumpkin coffee just tastes better out of a pumpkin/fall-esque mug. Oh and reeeeeeal quick. IF y’all haven’t tried the Pumpkin Cream Coffee Cold Brew yet from Starbucks… GO GET ONE! Especially if you don’t like a PSL but enjoy pumpkin flavor. It is not as sweet or fakely pumpkin as the PSL. So go ahead. Get it. Enjoy it. Be addicted to it. And then be sad you can’t get it the rest of the year like I am.

11. Candles: If you follow me on Instagram you know that I have already bought enough fall candles to last me till next year… but y’all, I really can’t help it! The smell of fall in my house is one of the most comforting things. Bath and Body Works has seriously stepped up their game with the new fall scents and the classics are just as good as ever. So go get them before they sell out. Which happens. Last year I bought only one White Pumpkin candle and when I went back two weeks later, they WERE SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE. Like couldn’t even order it online… So I bought 8 of them this year. Haha. For real.

12. Cookbooks: The best thing of fall to me is being home and cozy. There is nothing I want to do more than bake and cook comfort food. In the summer when it is 100 degrees you do not want heavy foods… but in the fall/winter, when it is cold and rainy… that is ALLL I want and eat and make. These cookbooks are both phenomenal. One is all pumpkin flavored sooo if you don’t like pumpkin, steer clear.

Now, we all don’t have to be as over the top as myself and buy all these things, and usually in high quantities. If you are more minimalistic, just grab a couple items. You do you, sis! But do it with a Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew, mmkay? Cheers to fall, y’all!

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