Y’all!!! We have officially made it half way through 2020. I honestly didn’t think I would get through the longest January to have life show me how long a month can really be when we got thrown into “work from home” life in March. Lawd, help us. Even with a pandemic and murder hornets (seriously, 2020?) we keep moving forward!

I asked on my Instagram a couple weeks ago what y’all would like to see more of on my blog or just in general. There was an overwhelming high volume of responses wanting more of me and Nate doing things on my IG Stories. From quizzes to more taste testing gross things… so don’t worry, we will find something gross to eat… or spicy! But in a close second was more of my favorite items I like. Instead of doing a specific item, like my lipstick post, I thought it would be fun to do a monthly roundup of items I have really been enjoying that month.

I will have a set a standard categories, like makeup and haircare but then will throw in random ones. Depending on the month, it might be seasonally specific. Ya know fall is coming up…. 😉 I will try VERY hard not to throw any fall items atcha till at least September. But as soon as fall drinks come out (I’m looking at you Pumpkin Cold Brew) all bets are off. Mmm kay?


Haircare – VERB Purple Mask : I will be honest, VERB sent me this hair mask in May. HOWEVER, I love it so much that I have just ordered a new one. (I have a lotta hair). I have not had my hair done since February. (Thanks pandemic!) My not-so-natural blonde really needed some toning love. This product is honestly amazing. I wash my hair with my regular shampoo and use this for the conditioner. While it processes, I just shave to make time go by. I am not a stranger to purple shampoo. But this as a conditioner is amazing. It makes your hair so soft while taking out that brassiness. So worth it, for me. If you’re brunette, they have a lot of really awesome other hair masks.

Skincare – Tanologist Water Sunless Tanning : I was honestly pretty skeptical of this $17 tanner from Target. But considering St. Tropez is around $45, I thought it was worth it to try. I mean what is the worst that could happen. Ha. I got dark… I know. I like color even though I am PASTY! Definitely use a mitt! You can get any one you want, but I do prefer the St. Tropez one out of all I have used even if I am not using their tanner. I was worried because when they say water… they mean water! Be ready to spray and rub. (And put a towel you don’t care about below you. Just in case.) Considering I thought I was gonna be a human zebra, I had NOT ONE streak. I was shocked and the color was amazing. I even went back and bought all the ones they had in stock at my Target. ADDICTED.

Makeup – beautycounter Skin Twin Foundation : I love makeup and I love COVERAGE. I have such a red undertone that I need something to even color out. It is really hard for me to find good coverage while not feeling heavy on my face. Who wants to wear that all day? Not me. I have never worn a foundation that covers as well as Skin Twin does while feeling weightless. I honestly forget I am wearing it. Even better, it also lasts all day. I would put it up against my Estee Lauder Double Wear for longest lasting. I took an unfiltered photo of it on half of my face. Please disregard this TERRIBLE lighting and my lazy eye… I took it without thinking I would be putting it on my blog. Ha, but here we are!

Clothes – Aerie Summer Desert Sweatshirt: I know what you’re thinking. “Uh, Emily it is 105 in Texas and you’re giving me a SWEATSHIRT?!” 1) This is more than a sweatshirt. It is more of an obsession. Aerie keeps coming out with new colors and I keep buying them. They are just so comfortable and would be perfect for a pool night or just being in the house with the AC on full blast. And 2) they are on sale right now, so you’re welcome. FYI: They run HUGE so do not order your normal size. I usually wear a L in tops and I got a small in this.

Snack Attack – SmashMallows: I have been trying to eat healthy. *eye roll* But sometimes I just have to have something sweet that isn’t gonna completely ruin my week like eating a whole package of Oreos… I mean, I didn’t do that. I mean I did once. But WHO HASNT? BACK OFF KAREN. These bad boys are my favorite lately. I also really like the churro flavor too. I haven’t had the vanilla but I am sure they are all good. I do know in the fall they come out with a pumpkin one… So get ready for those. haha. Oh, and fair warning: If you do not like marshmallows (like my hubby), you won’t like these. As they are just flavored marshmallows lol.

Drink – Barefoot Peach Hard Seltzer: If you follow me on insta, you know that I try a lot of hard seltzers. I am always looking for a good low calorie drink. Out of the pack, I thought the peach/nectarine flavor was the best. I actually think it is better than some of the White Claws I have tried. I do think hard seltzer is hard to recommend because as I have found, it is definitely based on personal preference. And if you are looking for sugary, this isn’t it. You can also try the variety pack like me and find the one you like best! And then let me know! Sidebar nation: This category won’t always be alcoholic. I am all about a Happy Hour after all though…

Home Decor – Plastic Organizing Tray : I love to organize. It makes me feel more put together. I have had my makeup EVERYWHERE. On my counter, in different drawers, under the sink. I finally bought plastic bins and organized my makeup. I originally ordered some from Amazon and they were so cheap and flimsy. I was not impressed. I got these at Target and LOVED them. I did four different sizes of the trays. I also used these for my lipsticks and these. My best organizational tip is to measure what you are trying to organize to get bins utilize the most of the space you have.

What am I Watching – My Spy : What the heck is anyone watching anymore? Is there any new TV right now? I feel like I have reached the stage of quarantine where I am now just watching reruns of everything. However, movies are coming in hot! This weekend I watched My Spy because I was gonna see it in theaters and it is FREE on Prime right now. It was super cute!!! I do not think it is super appropriate for kids under 13 because of some bad language, but other than that, I loved it! I am such sucker for a big ol’ muscle man with a heart of gold in movies.

What’s on my Shelf – I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness by Austin Channing Brown. Also Available on Amazon. You can also look up on this website to see if there is a black owned bookstore you can support. Portland did not. (Do better, Portland). I am not very far into this book but I think it is mega important. For one, I thought Austin was a man. She is not. Austin is a woman. She learned very early that her parents named her that so that future employers would think she was a white man. Let that sit for a second. It is my duty as a white woman to do everything I can to learn and grow every day to be anti-racist and support people of color. I might not always show y’all what I do behind the scenes and honestly, not everything needs to be heard on a megaphone. I do hope you are doing everything you can do to educate yourself on things I, frankly, was never taught growing up when it comes to systemic racism.

I hope y’all enjoyed the first of MANY monthly favorites. (Sorry it was so lengthy!!) They will be random and I am sure all over the place, but that’s me! Here is to July and hopefully a much better second half of 2020.

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