Y’all voted and said I should finally do something with my half bath downstairs so I did!!! We have only lived six months and I am actually starting to see progress. There are so many other rooms I still have yet to do but hey! A little at a time!

It’s the quarantine and everything closed that has given me the time to get all these projects done. I am still going to change the light fixture and mirror but it is crazy how much some paint, wallpaper and new accessories can change a (small) room.

We yell “COW!” every time we go into the bathroom… you’ll see why. Ha, but it cracks me up.

Wallpaper | Paint: Sherwin Williams SW 7005 Pure White | Mini Wreath | Hand Towel | Opalhouse Rug | Wire Basket One & Two | Waste Basket (currently out of stock) Similar One |

Cow Painting (This is the one in my bathroom) | Cow Print | Flowers in Boots (I have this one ordered for the other wall!) | Cow Print (Not mine or by the same artist but I thought these were really cute!) |

Pipe Shelf (This is the one in my bathroom) | Cute other industrial pipe shelves: Option One | Two | Three |

Items on self: Mason Jar | Candle & Bigger Size because you’ll want it. It smells AMAZING | Frame | Air Freshener | Oil Pump One & Two |

The faux plants I got a Home Goods!

Now, what to do next??! Probably put a photo in that frame…

2 thoughts to “Half Bath Makeover

  • Amanda

    Oh my gosh, that wallpaper is adorable.

    • Emily

      Thank you!!! I think it turned out a lot cuter than I thought it would. haha! A


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