Yall! It only took an unfortunate amount of time but I finally got this blog up!!! While I sit here and finalize this blog with a face mask on and Dawson’s Creek in the background, no this isn’t the early 2000s and no, this isn’t a face care routine. This is FINALLY the long awaited hair routine. Which really isn’t that blog worthy but I am writing it all down for y’all! I am also including my most frequently asked questions I get about my hair!

Hair is one thing that I try the most products on. Makeup, I find something that works and it takes a lot for me to try something new. But hair is different. I loooooove trying new things and see how my hair truly reacts to it. No matter what, I seem to always go back to a few ride or dies, so CURRENTLY this is my hair routine!

Before we get started it is good to note this thick head of hair is all genes. While it is important to take good care of your hair, you can only work with whatcha have. I am in no way, saying if you do this routine, your hair will be thick or long like mine. ALSO: I wash my hair twice a week. This a good gauge for how much I use certain products.

Before Shower:
Oil: No. 7 Bonding Oil – Twice a month (once every two weeks), I use oil on my ends. I think applying oil to dry hair helps the absorption of oil to be more effective because hair is not already saturated by water. I did have a different oil I used and of course the company stopped making it. This one by Olaplex is amazing. If you have really dry or damaged hair, all their product are worth the splurge.

While in the Shower:
Shampoo Conditioner : With shampoo and conditioner, I really try them all. You name it, I have tried it… or will try. Fo real. Give me anything you want me to try, and I will. I like to see if it is worth the hype or good for my hair and for the most part, I go back to my number one, Pureology. For shampoo, I always do two cycles. Shampoo – rinse – REPEAT. For conditioner I use it only on the bottom 3/4 of my hair and depending what conditioner I am using, I leave it on for about 3-5 minutes before rinsing for extra hydration.

For my blondes: I won’t go into a huge paragraph about this since I know it doesn’t pertain to a whole lot of people… and I only do this once a month but TONE!!!!!! Girls, tone that blonde. Depending on your poison, here are my favs: Oribe Shampoo or Verb Conditioner Mask
Also, I think for toner, you get what you pay for and that while Shimmer Lights might be cheaper, it isn’t going to give you the same results. I just do not think it tones as even or as well.

After Shower/Pre Blowdry:
Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray: I might have good genes but, the thicker the better, ammiright? I only spray this on my roots and it really is more for volume than anything else.

The EVERYTHING Spray: This spray is for all hair types and textures. The treatment offers 25 benefits that increase manageability, protect against hair damage and promote the beauty of your hair. This is one of my staples that I always have. Even when I try other things, I always use this. A lot of people think this product is just when your hair needs rescuing, but it is honestly for EVERY DAY. I love it for so many reasons. This goes all over my hair.

KM Ever Smooth Spray: This is a “newer” must have in my rotation. While I HATE the way it smells, it doesn’t last in your hair. The smell I might not like is overshadowed by how amazing the product is. If you have long hair,
I have not found anything that keeps my hair striaight, smooth, and styled like this does. I spray it about 1/4 from my roots down to the ends. It really is game changer.

Finishing cream: After I am done blow drying and straightening I use this bottle of magic. This is something that I found, gosh ten years ago?? Maybe 6… but either way, I love it and will ALWAYS have this in my beauty cabinet. It smells good and is the perfect finisher for my everyday, straight, sleek hair.

Favorite items worth mentioning: 
Klorane Dry Shampoo: (or this one for my dark hair friends!) All of them. Ha—no jokes—I have tried A TON! I actually at one point bought every dry shampoo you can buy at Target. I wanted to do a blog post about the best Target one you could get. Which for price, is this one… but you know me, I have a lot of opinions and a lot of products tying for 2nd/3rd. Not because they were great… more because they weren’t…

Sebastian Hair Spray: For those times you need your hair to obey and stay in its intended place even through a tropical storm. Haha. For real, this is gonna be your serious hold. No flex in this spray. You’ve been warned.

Shower Wet Comb: This is what I use to comb through my conditioner. I just feel like it allows to get all my tangles out while also getting the product into all of the lower 3/4 of my hair.
Brush for wet hair
Every day brush
Round brush for blow drying
Straightener: This is the one I use almost every day. Here is my second favorite— works amazing, just isn’t as cute looking. And let’s be honest, I am a packaging whore.
Curling Wand: I am a BIG fan of wands. I will say there is a learning curve to 1) not burn the heck outta yourself and 2) learning the different technique for different curls. But once you have it, nothing is better. I used this wand to curl my hair for my wedding. I also really love this one. I love the ability to change the barrel to give different effects. For all my ladies who want the standard curling iron: Go for this one. Or honestly any at Target. Just with ALLLLL heat, make sure you’re using protectant sprays.

Blow Dryer: Can you tell I looooove this brand? Haha. I also have this brush trend that everyone is crazy over. For these, and I cannot say this enough, HEAT SHIELD! These brushes are so easy to fry your hair… and aren’t great for super wet hair. Use when damp for a quicker dry. For a splurge and your best at home blow out, the Dyson. When I say splurge, I know it is a SPLURGE. But my hair has never dried faster or with less frizz. So, save up those ULTA points or just treat yo self.


Q: Do you have extensions? 
A: I seriously get asked weekly. I do not have extensions or have ever had them. I think they are amazing and wouldn’t be opposed to getting them in the future if I needed. However, the good Lord blessed me with a THICK head of long hair so I don’t see myself getting them anytime soon. 

Q: How frequently do you wash your hair? 
A: I wash it about twice a week. I am not a super oily person in general. Skin or hair. I always hear about “training” your hair to go longer in between washes and honestly I think it is genetics or activities. Some people are more oily and can’t go a long time between washes. But shampooing itself is not going to make you more oily. This again is going to be based on hormones, genetics, sweat, etc to increase those oils.

Q: How often do you cut your hair? 
A: I get it colored about every 8 weeks or so. I cut it every other time I go in. About every 16 weeks. Sometimes I get 5 inches taken off but most of the time I only get about 2 inches. If you are in the Portland area, I go to Harris Harper. They are WONDERFUL. I got really lucky when I found Julie when I first moved to Oregon and I have been with her ever since. I have seen Zach, the co-owner, while Julie was on her maternity leaves and he is absolutely wonderful. I recently saw, Adam who is new to H/H and just moved from Cali, loves Disney… I mean obvi we hit it off, but his hair skills are way ABOVE par, so go see him or anyone there. You’re in fabulous hands!

Q: Why do you sleep in a bun? 
A: I sleep in a loose bun with a silk scrunchie because 1) my hair is looooooong and gets in my way. 2) When I sleep in it up, it keeps my hair looking how styled it the day before. Silk scrunchies don’t crease my hair and it helps me to not have to keep restyling it the next day. If I sleep with it down it is all sorts of wavy and messy. Plus y’all get hot mess morning bun pictures… haha.

Q: What is your natural hair color?
A: Actually pretty close to what it is now. It is like a dirty blonde or a light brown. I have dyed my hair mega dark (just a quarter life crisis) and I was BLEACH blonde for about five years. I am digging the in-between though. It makes for easy grow out and just looks more natural. I won’t say I’ll never go platinum again because ya know never say never.

Q: Do you take hair vitamins? 
A: I don’t specifically take any “hair vitamins”. I do take normal vitamins like a multi, C and iron. I also take collagen as well but more for my skin than hair. I think if it does anything for my hair it is just a bonus. However, I don’t take those hair gummies that everyone seems to “promote”. I will say, that I think it is quite ironic that most influencers who promote those products also have extensions… I am a firm believer that unless you have a deficiency, hair growth supplements will unlikely have a noticeable effect on your growth. If you are concerned with your hair or if you are losing a lot, talk to your doctor about it.

I hope I answered some of the questions I get but if I missed anything, leave me a comment and I will do a part two! Thanks for everyone being so patient in how long this took me to get out too. Ill be better for the next one! What should it be? An update makeup routine? Face wash? You let me know!

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