If you are like me, or the rest of the world it seems, you have been working from home for the last uhhh three months. Wait, it’s only been three months???? I feels like a year! Is 2020 over yet??

Anyway! I was completely unprepared. I mean, it is totally my fault. We have lived here since December… and our office left something to be desired. It has been my mission to finally get it together. It is a slow process but I love my desk and bookcase. In the search of things I want for my office I found so many cute things I wanted to share. I obviously love the more “glam” look. What is your style of office furniture?

Bookcase: Wayfair
Desk: Wayfair and Amazon
Chair: Amazon, Wayfair and Walmart
Office Sweet Office: Amazon
Bench: Wayfair
Lamp: Amazon
Table: Wayfair
Decorative Mirror: Walmart
Drawers (I thought these were cuter for storage than a regular filing cabinet.): Wayfair But if you like the traditional: Amazon

Maybe when it is all done, I will be more productive… is that how it works? Better work when your workspace is cute? I think so!

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