It’s no surprise I call Nordstrom the Mothership. In Texas, the closest Nordy’s was about a 2 hour drive if traffic was decent. (Have I mentioned I can’t stand Dallas?) They have since built one closer since I moved. Nonetheless, it was a real treat anytime I got to go and would basically have a shopping spree. Now that I have one basically down the street from me, this shopping spree mentality still applies. I try to not go crazy but that have the cutest things. And not just clothes. I can’t be held responsible!!

On Thursday I was able to preview items included in their Anniversary Sale. Let me just say, IT IS AMAZING. They really slicing prices on some huge closet staples. I will definitely be posting outfit ideas and must have pieces when the sale is live. While I was drooling all over the things I am going to purchase, I also kept coming across such cute non-clothes items. I ordered those heart glasses! Ha, they are less then $20! I couldn’t help myself. I am trying not to buy that unicorn float, ya know, since I don’t have a pool and it rains 9 months of the year. Haha. Shopaholic probs. Oh, and if you don’t know by now, I have a slight obsession with pink.

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Candle | Mug (Can you ever have toooooo many mugs or cups? I think not!) | Nikes | Brunch Cookbook | Kettle | Heart Sunglasses | Round Zip Case | Skin Roller | Umbrella | Pink Apple Band | Vase | Backpack | Blanket (Y’all, this may or may not be going on sale. cough. cough.) | Swell | Unicorn Float | Travel Set |

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