Happy Tuesday, friends! Thank you for all the sweet words from last weeks more personal post. If you missed it, you can check it out here. Now back to our regularly scheduled posts of makeup and fashion! When I find a makeup product I love, I usually get in a little rut. It’s all I will wear without even looking for others that could possibly be better than what I am using. Why mess with a good thing, amiright?

Luckily, a couple weeks ago I received Laura Mercier’s new Flawless Fusion foundation and concealer to try out. When I get PR packages or free products in the mail I always try them out for a week or so to get a real grasp on the product. Sometimes, just using something once is enough to know if I like it or not but I like to see how multiple uses impacts my opinion. I do not always blog about products I receive but when I do, it is my honest thoughts and not swayed just because it was free. That is my promise to you all who follow me.

My go to, best ever, number one, can’t do wrong foundation is Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk. There is nothing bad I can say about this holy grail of a foundation. With this kind of competition, I did not have much hope for Laura Mercier’s Flawless Fusion. I parted ways with my miracle worker and invested ten days of wearing the Flawless Fusion in the shade 1n1 creme.

This is an oil free full-coverage foundation with a matte finish. It is said to be able to last 15 hours, flawlessly and work with every skin type. My skin is dry. Like real dry. Dryer than the Atacama Desert (the driest place on earth…) Okay, maybe not *that* dry but real close. Because of this, if a foundation works for people with oily skin, it is going to take a lot of work for it to look good on mine. I did not use this foundation with a primer the first day and just went with a minimal, every day moisturizer, and I did not like how it sat on my skin. I needed more of a oil base before applying. For round two, I applied with a beauty blender and went with moisturizer, facial oil, primer and then the foundation. This was the money maker. I needed to prep my skin more for me to truly see the benefits. I LOVED IT.

The product is so lightweight that it is shocking how full coverage it actually is. I hate feeling like I am wearing as much makeup as I put on… So when a product comes around that looks like I have a filter on but feels like I am wearing nothing, thats a real winner in my book. Why yes, I did wake up like this…..ha. The best part, is it truly lasts. I put it on before one of my hospital shifts and it was still fly AF when I walked out 14 hours later. I wore it all day long for multiple days and had no skin irritation or new breakouts from it. For the coverage it gives, it is very breathable.

Pro’s: It lasts flawlessly the whole day. Full coverage. Weightless feeling. Evens out skin tone perfectly. Never got cakey or dull. Did not irritate my skin. Price.
Con’s: Lots of prep work. Although there was a great shade for myself, I have heard there is not a lot of range. There are 20 shades so I would go to Sephora and get matched. Dries fast. Be sure you are ready and blend quickly.

Honestly, I will be purchasing this product for myself to put into my foundation rotation. It is worth it in my opinion and cheaper than my first love, Mr. Armani.

They also sent me their Flawless Fusion concealer to try. The shade 1N worked best for me. They say this is a medium to full coverage concealer but honestly, it is more medium than full. It blends easily, and stays in place without creasing. (Some people say they had creasing issues, but I do not know if I didn’t because I set my face with powder after application.. ALWAYS SET YOUR FACE!)

While, this was a decent concealer, it did not come anywhere close to my ride or die, Shape Tape. If you are like me and want something that a little goes a long way and covers the eff out of your face, then go with Tarte’s Shape Tape. My only real complaint about the Flawless Fusion concealer product, is the applicator is not my favorite. It is very flimsy and doesn’t bring out a ton of product. (Again, I am spoiled by Shape Tape…) However, most people just use the applicator to bring out product and blend with a beauty blender or brush. Take that with a grain of salt if that’s you, but I felt it was worth mentioning. If you are just needing a little coverage or medium contouring, then Flawless Fusion is a great one to invest in.

Bottomline: I think both products are geared more for people with normal to mildly oily skin. If that is you, then you’re going to love both of these products. For me, I made the foundation work and look great even despite the dry martini that is my face…and will continue to use it. For me, the concealer left something to be desired.

Shape Tape is still my end all, be all. Sweet baby Jesus, that tube gives my face life. If you want to know more of my makeup fav’s, you can read them here. While I am talking about my favorites, I have to quickly mention my current lipstick obsession. If you are not aware of Charlotte Tilbury, let me enlighten you. All things she produces, are amazing. I love lipstick.. I have a million and switch them out sometimes a few times a day. Lately though, I have worn this matte lipstick all day, errr day.

That’s all the makeup for today, y’all! What are your favorite foundations/concealers? If you have used the Flawless Fusion, I would love to know your experience too! Also, if there is anything you want a makeup review about, let me know and I will be happy to do it!






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