There is just something about Christmas that makes me want to bake EVERYTHING. While this isn’t baking, it is sweet and what better time for a sugar high than the holidays??? I took this original recipe from the Chex website, and changed it a bit! I don’t like EVERYTHING coating in chocolate, because even with some items drizzled, it is still hella sweet. However, it is so festive looking and makes for great little treats for friends and family.

– 8 cups Rice ChexTM or Corn ChexTM cereal
– 2.5 cups white vanilla baking chips
– Holiday Sprinkles 
– 2 cups mini vanilla wafer cookies
– 2 cups of mini pretzels 
– 1-2 cups peanut M&M’s

Tips: This is your mix so change it up as you want! You could do all rice Chex like I did, or you can do have rice and half corn. I am also not putting an amount on the sprinkles. I feel like some people like a lot, and some don’t. You do you! I used about 1/4 cup, if that helps! Definitely use mini pretzels. The normal sized are just too big for this mix. If you can find them, they have these really cute holiday pretzels that make the mix look EXTRA christmasy! As far as the candy you put in, you can do whatever you want! Regular M&M’s. Peanut. They even have these amazing sugar cookie ones now. The Chex recipe I am modifying throws mini marshmallows in it– it is really whatever you want!

1. Line 2 large cookie sheets with waxed paper. 
2. In large bowl, add Chex cereal. 
3. In Pyrex measuring cup, microwave 2 cups of the baking chips uncovered on high for 45-60 seconds. Stir chips. Continue heating in 15 second increments, stirring each time, until chips are melted and smooth. 
4. Pour over cereal, carefully mix to coat. 
5. Spread mixture out on one cookie sheet; top with as many sprinkles as you wish! Let cool 20-30 minutes. 
6. While cereal is setting, spread cookies and pretzels out in a single layer in remaining cookie sheet. 
7. In your Pyrex cup, microwave remaining .5 cup of baking chips uncovered on high 30-45 seconds. Continue heating in 15 second increments, stirring each time, until chips are melted and smooth. 
8. Pour melted chips into a ziplock baggie, and make a small cut in one of the corners. (Like an icing bag!) 
9. Drizzle as much chocolate as you wish onto the cookies and pretzels! Once you’ve drizzled to your liking, top with as many sprinkles as you’d like! 
10. Let these cool for 20-30 minutes to set up! 
11. Break cereal into bite size pieces. Transfer all ingredients to large serving bowl and mix in all the candy/marshmellows you wish! 
12. Enjoy!! 

And that’s it! It is really easy to throw together and is super festive. Plus, it is even fun to do with your kiddos! I hope whether you make this for yourself or give it to someone, you have a blast while doing it!!! Let me know if you make it and what candy you threw in! Happy Holiday, y’all!!!!


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