It’s that time of year again where the weather is cooling down, Christmas commercials are in full swing, school is almost out, and the list of people to get gifts for starts to grow daily. There is something so satisfying when you know exactly what someone wants or would love. It kind of makes fighting for that one spot left in the parking lot worth it. (I SAID KIND OF…) However, it never fails that there is at least one person who you have no idea what to get them. Have no fear, my gift ideas are here! Seriously, put down that candle you’re about to re-gift. Don’t do it!!! I have compiled some really amazing presents that anyone would love to receive. They are different in type and price so there is something for everyone from your picky sister-in-law to the hostess of the millionth Christmas party you will attend this season!

Christmas Gift Ideas1. A cozy blanket: UGG Duffield Throw Blanket. This blanket is the softest blanket ever. If adults could have a wooby, this would be it. It is seriously the warmest blanket I own. Also, I think you can’t go wrong with a throw as a present. I can never have enough blankets around my house and this one is top notch. (It is even machine washable, big win!)

2. A Robe: UGG Miranda Hooded Fleece Robe. I think it is pretty clear that I like to be comfortable and warm when I am home relaxing. I like to think of gifts as something that someone would love but either not think about buying or use for something else. Robes I feel fall into this category. They are often not thought about but they make such good actual usable gifts. This one is my favorite of all time. It is so worth the money. I could live in a robe if people wouldn’t judge me or think I was homeless. Also, guy’s need robes too!! This one is Nathan’s favorite: Polo Ralph Lauren Robe.

3. Slippers: UGG Men’s Scuff Slipper. I swear this is not an UGG sponsored post…and I swear that I wear more than slippers in my robe covered with a blanket. it just seems that way. I never wore slippers until I got my UGG ones and now I cannot live without them. They are so comfortable that people always want to wear them when they come over. They are so well made that they won’t fall apart a few wears in like some others. The Scuff Slipper also comes in a women’s version!

4. Candles: Vanilla Bean WoodWick. When you re-gift something it is usually because you don’t like it which means the other person more often than not will think it is trash too. So, like I said before, instead of re-gifting that crappy candle from your Great Aunt Sue, buy them a candle you would want to keep for yourself. I love a good Bath and Body Work candle but WoodWick candles are my go to for a candle splurge. I love their fragrance and the fact that the real wood wick makes a fire crackling sound. (Plus they are on sale right now!!)

5. Smart Speaker: Echo Plus or Echo Dot . I know what you are thinking. “Why would anyone ever need or want a smart speaker?” Here me out. Nathan and I were gifted the Echo Plus and we thought it was a nice gift but that we would never use it. Ha. We use it for EVERYTHING. In fact, we use it so much that we bought dots for other rooms which can all be connected if you want to play music or what not. It is a life changer. I ask her to set timers, she gives me a daily does of Oprah, and even pauses the TV. We are slightly addicted. Trust me, they are amazing and so worth it. And right now they are super on sale!!! (THANKS BLACK FRIDAY!!!)

6. Camera: Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera. There is something so nostalgic to me about a regular camera that shoots out a Polaroid-esq picture. I love this camera and the fun pictures it makes… even though my eyes are  always closed. HAHA. They even make cute mini photo album’s for the pictures you take.

7.  Phone holder: PopSockets. I am such a fan of my pop socket. HUUUUUGE shout out to my BFF for introducing me to this little piece of plastic gold. I will always have one of these. You can stand your phone on its side to watch that Netflix show you’re addicted to or just use it to hold your phone easier. It is cheap, fun and makes that selfie angle so much better to get. Once you have one, you’ll never go back. Oh, and yes, it does collapse to almost completely flat so you can still back pocket that cell. Don’t worry, I got you.

8. Purse Essentials: Compact Mirror | USB Rechargeable Battery. There are things I find and I think to myself, “HOW DID I NOT COME UP WITH THIS IDEA?!” We live in such a tech driven world that our devices are always dying. All my friends carry either a charging cord or a battery pack. This battery pack also is a compact mirror that lights up. Two in freaking one. Congrats to the amazing person who thought of it.i hope you’re a billionaire.

9. Jewelry: Kate Spade Stud Earrings. I love getting jewelry as a gift. It is usually something I would never pick out myself because I rarely get out of my jewelry comfort zone and I was not blessed with the ability to piece together jewelry ensembles. I love these Kate Spade earrings because they are so freaking fun and would make such a great gift. I love wearing them out because they add just the right amount of sparkle. Also, BaubleBar has FANTASTIC pieces to gift out too!

10. Books: Yes Please. While I am being a cozy couch potato, one of my favorite pastimes is reading. (Especially books I cannot put down.) Yes Please by the comedic genius, Amy Poehler is one of my favorites. If you have someone to buy for who loves to read, this is a great book. Or these: Bossypants, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)Seriously…I’m Kidding. Honestly, any book is a great gift. A little something to escape reality for a bit or laugh till you almost pee your pants… or in my case my robe. ha.

11. A Notebook: Leuchtturm Journal. For as long as  I can remember, I have enjoyed writing down my thoughts or doodling random things. It is my favorite thing to take on the plane with me and even though everything is electronic, sometimes it is nice to just take a pen to some paper. These notebooks are a favorite in our household and always buy this brand to gift out.

12. Practical Keychain: Mini Sriracha Keychain. I am not one of these crazed sriracha people..but they are out there. That is why there are sriracha cookbooks you can purchase. I know at least three people this gift would be perfect for. So, if you have a sriracha crazed person in your life, they will love you for getting this for them. If not, it makes a pretty funny white elephant gift too.

13. Taco Holder: Tricerataco Double-Slotted Dinosaur Taco Holders. Yup. This is a real thing. Here is the answer to what could make Taco Tuesday better! A freaking dinosaur that holds your taco so you can fill it with whatever your little taco lovin’ heart desires. I will be getting these ASAP. Because I am a big kid that wants to have a dino hold my damn tacos! For people who love taco Tuesday’s but just aren’t hip enough to want a dinosaur to hold their tacos, there are these boring stainless steal taco holders you can buy. But I say still buy them the dino ones.

14. Drink Floats: Inflatable Donuts. If you have someone who was on that donut pool float craze, these matching ones for their drink will be a big hit!! Who doesn’t love to have their drink float with them in the pool? Psycho’s..that’s who. We have these but the flamingo ones and they are the best. I think it makes drinking in the pool more fun somehow.

15. Water bottles: S’well Stainless Steel Bottle. I always have a water bottle with me. It is just one of those things that is always in my backpack or purse. While I have my water bottle I take to the gym, I love to take my S’well with me around town. It is double insulated so it does not sweat and it keeps my water cold for a long time. There are a ton of cute designs and colors to choose from.

16. Barware: Wine Glasses. You just can’t go wrong with a set of any kind of barware, especially wine glasses, for a hostess or girlfriend gift. These are some of my favorites. Cheers! ( I also think I have a small addiction to cups….)

17. Holiday Themed Dishes: Mud Pie Ceramic Holiday Platter Set. One of my favorite hostess gifts to give other than a glass of wine, is this cute christmas platter. If you are heading over to a house for a shindig, your friend obviously loves to entertain and most likely would love an extra platter. As someone who loves to throw dinner parties, this one is perfect. It is white so it will go with any theme and I love that it has just a little sarcastic writing on it.

Well, that is all I have for ya: seventeen of the most random but hopefully helpful gift ideas for people on your christmas list. Makeup is always a good option too. You can check out my past blog to get some good ideas for the makeup lovers in your life, here. Good luck with those Black Friday deals and I hope everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving.



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