Helloooooooooooooooo 2018!!!! There are few things I love more than a new year. It is so refreshing to think about putting your best foot forward and trying to better not just yourself but your life as a whole. I have a good feeling about 2018.

As a general goal setter by nature and someone completely addicted to checking off my to-do list, resolutions are my jam. In the past they may have been silly, sometimes unrealistic and if I am being completely honest, there were many years that I did not succeed at any of them. And y’all, that’s okay!!! Just because you tried at something and did not get the end goal you wanted does not mean you failed. If you feel that way when not reaching a resolution or goal, start small and work your way up. Maybe you feel more put together with a made bed. You could set a goal to make your bed three days out of the week. You do not have to go balls to the wall off the bat. Little changes add up to big results!

For me, I like to not just make personal resolutions, but ones geared in career, relationships, education, leisure, etc. I like to keep a balanced life as much as possible and when my educational goals dominate over others, they get little attention or even forgotten about which leaves those areas of my life unfulfilled. One education focused resolution for a couple years now has been to maintain all A’s and do whatever it takes to graduate. I knew adding this to my plate would be a long-term resolution. I needed to stay on target to fulfill the big goal of walking that stage and hopefully get my dream job. 2018 is my year. I will finally be able to make a huge check mark to this goal. This in turn feeds into my resolution of doing whatever I need to do to get my dream job. This could also be a long term couple years of resolution. Just because something doesn’t happen in a year, doesn’t mean it won’t happen. It just means you are not there yet. Some paths are longer than others.

I want to use my Friday’s off in the week to connect more with my friends and family in Texas as well as my new friends I have made here. Relationships are a big part of my life. I love to be social and surrounded by positive, fun loving people. With so much on my plate, that social aspect is usually the first to be pushed to the back and that is not fair to my support system or me.

A big resolution that I am going to work on this year is standing up for myself in any capacity. I have no problem standing up for others who do not have the voice or strength to do it for themselves but when it comes to me it is a different story. I will remain uncomfortable or unhappy to keep the peace. Not this year. No way, Jose. This is my year and like hell anyone is going to take that away from me. I could go on with other things in my list like wanting to relax, travel, read, blog and workout more but I digress.

Resolutions are not just an individual thing. You can make them as a family, or whatever unit you are a part of. I like to know Nathan’s personal ones so I can to make sure they happen for him instead of unknowingly hindering those goals. Then as a couple, we make our resolutions for the year which will help us grow more throughout the year. It is essential to do things with your partner and relationship that will positively influence your future. Just like other parts in your life, when you do not make them a priority or nourish them, they will become less important to you. That is a recipe for disaster. Relationships are work and just because you have been with someone for a long time, means you do not stop communicating and dating each other. (It means you should be doing those things more!) A few of our couple resolutions are to be more adventurous, try new places for date night and connect more without electronics but actual face to face conversation. Normally we are so busy; we do not have a full day together, so our time is precious. Do not just focus on own resolutions but your loved ones too. You are a team and it makes a big difference.

My friend Amanda posted on Facebook asking others what their resolution word was going to be for 2018. I had never heard of a resolution word before but since I pick a color every year, I thought a word would be interesting. I wanted it to encompass most of my resolutions into one word which is no easy task since I am a woman of MANY words. I settled on “expand”. 2018 is a year of expanding my mind, my path, my life, and my love. I want to be open for whatever comes my way and not to try just because fear of the unknown. My mantra for 2018 is to choose happiness. I am not letting anything or anyone hold me back this year.

What are some of your resolutions for the year and do you do anything different like a word? I would love to know! I hope you all had a wonderfully ending to 2017 and an even better start to 2018.

Let’s all choose happiness. Cheers.





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