I can finally listen to Christmas music without fear of retaliation from anyone around me. I understand that July is a little early to be filling the world with pure, delightful music. However, I still get slack about it right before Thanksgiving. Y’all. I can’t help it. It is the best time of year! I get to just lay back and relax…. hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Yeah, right. I mean that is what I would love to do but good ol’ adulting gets in the way. Christmas LifeI want to do crafts and bake to the sound of the same Hallmark movie storyline that I insist on watching over and over while indubitably crying during some part of it. But, alas, I have so many other things to do. In fact, I really should be writing a paper or studying for one of my finals (that’s tomorrow) but here I am, procrastinator of the year, writing this awesome blog post. I have two relatively short papers and two finals left of this fall term. (EEEEK!!!!!!!) Then I will really be able to get into the festivities. I do plan on taking at least one day to do nothing but bake and watch Hallmark movies. The true definition of being an adult is having to pencil in a day to relax. Annnnnnd I the chances are high that this day of relaxation will have a nice bottle of wine to go with it. I’m going to be a real hot mess that day. Upcoming I have, Nathan’s company Christmas party, seeing some holiday classics (Scrooged & It’s a Wonderful Life) in theaters, Zoo Lights, Friendsmas, hosting a dinner party and a bunch of other Portland activities!! I will be sure to blog about as many as I can. I would love to say that I will be doing a bunch more online shopping but after UPS lost not one but THREE of my packages, the faith I have in them is REAL low. (We all know, I will still be online shopping…gotta get those deals!) My next real blog post is going to be all about being COZY! After all, when this term ends I will be living in only pajama pants and Ugg slippers. Well, not only but the vast majority of the time! Until next time y’all, I hope you’re getting to watch all your favorite Christmas movies!



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