My sweet girl dog is eight years old today!!!!! Processed with Rookie Cam

Most people think that I am silly or ridiculous for making such an ordeal about a dogs birthday. However, she is more than a dog, she is a part of my family. I remember seeing Bentley for the first time like it was yesterday. She was born May 9th, but I did not see her till July. She was just the cutest, sweetest little one pound dog that was the perfect addition to my life.

(Bentley’s 1st picture!)

It was 2009 and unlike most of the people my age, I had nothing figured out. I had a lot of hurt in my heart and Bentley gave me everything I needed. She was there to lick my tears, snuggle me when I was lonely, and was always there to cheer me up. She never saw me as the failure I saw myself as but she saw her protector. She truly taught me about what unconditional love was. There was a time in our life that she would never let me out of her sight. People would say it was because I was her mama and she loved me but I think she was just making sure I was okay. She has seen my heart heal, insane obstacles achieved, falling in love and my life coming together. It is funny, that now she is much more independent. While most nights you will find her curled up right next to me, she doesn’t follow directly behind me when I walk off. At first it hurt my feelings thinking that she didn’t need me anymore. Then one day I realized it was the opposite. She knew I didn’t need her like I did before. I was happy and content and she knew that. I know that if I ever need her to be there  like before, she would in a heartbeat. That is what is so wonderful about her and other dogs. Their love is a love like no other. I hope she knows how much she has done for me and how I will always be grateful for her sweet soul. Processed with Rookie Cam

Each year (which I hope there are many, many more), I will always make a big deal about her birthday because she saved my life.





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