It never fails; Christmas ends and I am ready to redecorate my house. Mainly the rooms I have be in for the season, IE the kitchen. I want to just revamp everything to give it a different look once all the holiday decor is gone. Here are some super cute kitchen things I found on Amazon. Inexpensive, stylish and free shipping with Prime. Winning all around.

Kitchen Towels | Glass Mugs | Utensil Holder | Soap Dispenser | Silicon Utensils | Wire Stand | Tea Kettle | Cordless Vacuum | Storage Containers | Mixing Bowls | Faux Flower | Nespresso | Bakeware | Farmhouse Light | Colander |

Some of these are already LHH (Life Happy Hour) staples. We go through kitchen towels like crazy. I love these I found on Amazon. Also these glass mixing bowls are THE BEST. They stack into each other and make for an easier cook/bake prep session. Bonus, they are microwave and dishwasher safe. Ain’t no body got time to hand wash things.

The Nespresso was a Christmas surprise. While new, we are already hooked. Ours is a little bigger (linked here) than the one above, but either would be a great addition. As the newly self appointed house barista, I had to order these glass mugs for all my future foam and latte art I am gonna make.

The last thing I will touch on so I don’t just ramble away is the lightweight cordless vacuum. While this is more a pantry staple, I think everyone should have this close by their kitchen. No matter how careful I am, our kitchen turns into crumb city. I hate lugging down our big vacuum to the kitchen to try and get under the cabinets. It is more a splurge but well worth it if you’re a clean freak like me. Plus it is on sale.

What is your kitchen must have??

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