I sometimes wonder what I did before Amazon. It is like Target on crack. You go on for one thing and before you know it, you have 40 items you never knew you needed in your cart.

I was on the other day and found so many great ideas for a hostess gift. Since we aren’t doing a lot of hosting right now… I figured they would also be really great anytime gifts! A “Hey! I am really missing hanging out” gift.

Clearly, they would also be good gifts for yourself too. I may or may not have bought these amazing freezable wine cups and that blanket THAT HAS A PLACE FOR YOUR FEET! What?! Yeah, that’s right. I went from my prime to retirement real quick. I blame quarantine.

What is your most random Amazon find??

Cheese Board | Freezable Wine Glass | Not a fane of wine? They also have Freezable Beer Cups | Wine Bag | Corkcicle Cup | Wine Adult Coloring Book | Best Blanket Ever Made | Quarantine Wine Bottle Labels | Dish Towels | Volcano Candle Pink or White | Adult Coasters These cracked me up | Not so offensive coasters | Salsa Bowl | Guac Bowl | Infusion Water Bottle |

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