Welcome sweet friends! My name is Emily, and this is Life’s Happy Hour. I have been blogging on and off for a few years but decided to make it more of a consistent outlet. I get a lot of questions about clothes, makeup and Disney. I plan to blog about all these things and a handful of other random topics with life updates in the mix! I hope it is full of inspiration, beauty, and an escape from your own reality.

I am a proud Texan belle currently living in the Pacific Northwest just trying to find my spot in the world. I guess I should mention that Disney princess is a part of my DNA. Always has been and always will. Disney is the reason I met my husband, Nathan, and where we got engaged. To say it is a big part of my life is an understatement.

Other than being a complete Disney nerd, I am a big fan of girly things. I love shopping, doing my make-up, getting my nails done and finding ways to incorporate pink into my everyday life. I run on coffee and sarcasm and usually a bottle of dry shampoo. I love to have fun and crave learning new things. My world is a constant rollercoaster which makes my life more than I can handle sometimes but I know the sun will rise on another day. I smile, keep moving forward and concentrate on the positive parts of my life.

Thanks for stopping by to experience a little part of my world. Cheers!

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