Hello pinkHey everyone!! This week finally brings the blog post of a life update! I know, get excited!! The real question is how am I going to update everyone on the last six months without it being a complete snooze-fest, amiright? I could do it pretty efficiently by just stating one word: school. I will go into a little more detail than that though.

meIn the last six months, I finished a spring term of 20 hours, a summer term of 18 hours and I’m currently sooooo close to finishing my 16 hour fall term. I am exhausted just typing that all out. The most exciting news of all this is while maintaining all A’s, I have officially registered for my last term at Portland State!!! CUE THE CONFETTI CANNONS!!!!!!!! ….Oh, shoot. I am just getting word there are no confetti cannons… I must order these before I officially finish in March! Between being a full-time student, a teaching assistant and working at the hospital on the weekends, I have very little time for what some call a social life. I am told that some people actually have time to get together and have fun while partaking in a beverage or even food. One day, y’all, one day!

nateThankfully, Nathan is just as busy as I am or he may feel a little neglected. He received a much deserved promotion and his official title is, Associate Design Manager. He is constantly working on improving his skills as a graphic designer and now as a manager that his work weeks are way over 40 hours. I know I am biased, but the company is pretty lucky to have him! His newest venture he has taken on is being an adjunct professor at Portland State. This fall he has been teaching Digital Page Design I to a class of about 25 future designers. He puts together lectures that are rich in content and guides the students on the right path of design success for the rest of their collegiate career. Lucky enough for me, we have class at the same time and have gotten to carpool to school together. Even though this may have been one of our busiest times as a couple, it is probably the most time we have got to spend together. Between morning traffic and then the afternoon commute back, we essentially get an extra two hours a week. Which I know seems like nothing, but when you rarely get to spend time with the love of your life, you take any amount of time. Our morning rides together have been the best part of my week. Joking, laughing, and car dancing is the best way to start off your day, even in traffic.

I swear I have a life other than school and work. It just has to be planned. Perfectly. (And almost always in conjunction with a school break, heh.) I have had friends and family come visit which has been a nice piece of home for me. My friend Amanda came up to visit me in June right after my spring term ended. I promised it would be a nice break from the Texas summer heat but alas it was 105 while she was here. We took advantage of as friend picmuch A/C and beach time as possible. My dad came to visit for the solar eclipse and at least the weather was great for this event. I was a little concerned it would be rainy and overcast because you never know with the Pacific Northwest. After the summer term ended, my best friend since I was 6, Alison came to visit for the first time. I had so many plans and places to show her and then wildfires broke out and we could not even go outside. We still had a blast but instead of sightseeing the great outdoors, we did a lot of shopping and just spending some much-needed quality time together. We honestly could sit in a room, do nothing and still have a blast. Real moment: We looked up weird conspiracy theories for way too long and then took about 50 BuzzFeed quizzes while watching 90s RomCom’s one evening. That’s what best friends are for.



One of my favorite parts of the summer was getting to spend eight beautiful, uninterrupted days in sunny California with Nathan. This was the longest time we have gotten to spend together in almost a year. It was so wonderful and amazing that we could have stayed for another eight. Of course, we spent every day at Disneyland. We managed to tear ourselves away from the magic of Disney for an afternoon of baseball to watch the Anaheim Angels play the Texas Rangers. We were a little outnumbered but it was a great game and the Rangers won! (BEdl halloweenER ON US!) There were so many wonderful moments of that trip that it would be impossible to pick just one favorite. The fact we rode Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout (& Monsters After Dark) THIRTEEN times. The kid-like joy Nathan had when he finally beat my score in Toy Story Mania. The fact that he somehow forgot California Screamin’ went upside down until the moment it was seconds from happening. We both had a huge nerd moment on Star Tours during the Jakku sequence that we had never seen. Getting to ride all the different Halloween overlays and especially seeing the new Cars Land Haul-o-Ween. Getting to sit by the fire at night and listening to the piano at Grand Californian with a flosnightcap. How moved we both were with Disney’s representation of the Dia de los Muertos altar. I could honestly go on and on and on. It really comes down to the moments of pure happiness, love, and connection throughout the trip that made it one of the best. Even though we may have been to Disney a million times and will go a million times more, we ALWAYS have fun and make new memories.

Also worth noting that my 94 year old grandfather threw the first pitch at a Rangers game, during vacation we had a main water line burst, had a milestone birthday, and I had a moment of weakness where I dyed my hair brunette which I have almost completely corrected. I’d like to say I have learned my lesson, but I never do and most likely will do it again. Those are the highlights of what has been happening the past million months during my lack of blogging. Even though life is just as busy and in no way slowing down, I will blog more consistently. I am sure that my life will only get crazier from here with mickey foodholidays, Disney trips, one term left of school, future job choices, where we will be living and of course the wedding! So just sit back and hold on tight. If you missed my post last week, you can read it here. It is all about my makeup routine and what products I swear by. Next week’s blog post will be a helpful (well, maybe more fun and random), list of holiday gift ideas that are good for anyone. Until then, be kind to everyone and enjoy those cocktails! (Someone has to since I have no time!)



Nate’s Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Emily’s Sunglasses (similar): Dolce & Gabbana | Disneyland Jersey

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