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Brush Must Haves

brushesIf y’all have not jumped on the Wet Brush bandwagon, you need to. I have been using these brushes for over a year now, and they are life changing. The fact that I can easily brush through my wet hair with a brush and not struggle with a comb is the best. (This is really great too if you have little girls with tender heads!) Even though I have used the original Wet Brush for a while, I just started using their shine brush. (Yes, two brushes.)

YALLLLLLL…IT GIVES ME LIFE!!!!!!!!! The Shine Brush is for when your hair is dry but it is just as amazing. The Mongolian Boar and Intelliflex bristles help to evenly distribute your hair’s natural oils, which creates smooth, shiny hair. If you’re like me and spend the majority of your week rocking the dry shampoo look, this brush is a MUST. After I spray my dry shampoo all over, I brush my hair with the Shine Brush and it effectively distributes it better than me flipping my head over and franticly running my fingers through my hair.

I know it is crazy to have one brush for when your hair is wet and one for when it is dry but they are both amazing and such a great investment for healthy hair. Both are safe to use on wigs and extensions and can be used with heat. I have zero complaints about these brushes at all. I will link them down below. (They are also cheaper on amazon than buying them at Ulta.)

Wet Brush Pro | Shine Hair Brush | Wet Brush (Mini sized) | Wet Brush for Babies

Have fun shopping!!!!


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